Dark Matter (Schopenhauer’s The Will)

dark matterDark Matter (Schopenhauer’s The Will)
by Mark East

On a clear night you can see it swallowing up
The light and color from the stars and nurseries of nebula.
When a child is born, before he’s cut from the womb
It flows into his veins and begins to wreak havoc on his life.
By the time he reaches adulthood it hardens his organs and thoughts
And eventually leaves him a bloodless statue of himself.
Or leaves him impaled in a sharp ball of metal and plastic on the road
Watching with bug-eyes the horror of his life-blood
Spraying and dripping out of a hundred red wounds
Growing numb and cold until his senses go blind.
Nothing escapes this evil invisible dust but the moments
One becomes one with the art one is creating
Or meditating on a sandy beach with the sun pulsing overhead.
Till this Matter catches up again and this sinister Will
Eventually hurls us into a hole all alone
And lost forever from the human things of this world.
And then blown asunder with the rest of the cosmos
Till there’s nothing but Dark Matter (The Will) in frozen Space
On into eternity, unmoving, invisible nothing.

Schopenhauer regarded all Will human or otherwise as the evil in this world.

photo credit: numbers via photopin (license)