i define myself worse
	than i am.

i stand blameless of all
	i commit -
bottle to my lips,
	red-handed, tongue 
	    "who? me?"

     Allow me to introduce myself,
	i am a man of wealth and taste.

Taste!?  how dark does
	your dark night run?
how pitch your black?

i have been around anything
you care to name at least twice -
    to the man with the cloven foot.

and i have double-fisted
into Lilith's black night,
bestial and depraved - 
doused in the fungal sweat
of her libidinous delight.

i am as is and as
       i want to be -
the invert of all that is created;
the man you despise, deny,
	decry -
the man you define:
	the man you want	
		me to be.

David Bayliss is a poet and musician who resides in South Minneapolis. He is the host of several regular monthly poetry series throughout Minneapolis, including Poets & Pints. He works exclusively in the medium of poetry as he has a very short attention span, even for his own work.