I Ended Up on my Tush

i ended up on my tushI ended up on my tush
by Jefferson Hansen


to start again or again
to startle against the pressure
of a thick white sky
some birds forgot to sing today

but some others didn’t
which ones are which
beyond my desires to know
or care today

a car without a driver
warms beneath my window
on this sub-zero morning
its exhaust hovers long

and spindles up
up as I am this morning
going on two hours now
too cold to enter

right now, although later I will
lift weights to the tunes
they pipe into the gym,
then shower in a stall

because that is what I do
these days, watch cars warm
then exercise, which isn’t bad
I lose weight

for the sake of self-satisfaction
and to follow the orders of
self-help television gurus,
they do know some things

you know
not unlike the absence of squirrels
in a winter too cold even for
them, and the point of an end

as if strings going every which way
could be gathered into a knot
me, to present at a conference

of disaffected journalists
all posing a hope for a better day
as a way of furthering their
way into a careerist niche

although they must have believed
it at one time in some way
in order to end up there
in the first place

don’t you think
my cynicism lasts only as long
as my lack of faith in
humanity which can carry

you only so far
did you ever consider how often
and how much you must trust
others just to drive down

the street
just to get through the day
consider how many clerks you trust
with your debit card numbers

desperate people, perhaps,
living at minimum wage
and pressing buttons and being pleasant
on cue just for a lousy buck

it’s a wonder sometimes
we don’t all jump up and down four times
then go for each
others’ exposed throats

I suppose the impracticality of it all
prevents us from relying
on such measures
the threat of the police

have you ever wanted to hurt someone
I’m not sure if I ever
seriously did or not although
I have gone for the emotional

jugular on occasion as have
we all I suppose
and I did hop in the ring
once to nail another

guy in white collar boxing
I ended up on my tush
photo credit: Poterne des peupliers via photopin (license)

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